If you landed here, you’re probably in need of a writer. Guess what? That’s me. I create things using words. Some of the things I create are serious and important, like speaking points for keynote speakers at big important thought leadership conferences, or project reports for amazing, hardworking, life changing NGOs. And some of the things I create are a bit more fun and frivolous. Like kids’ stories about ungrateful little swines or web copy for warcraft manufacturers.

Good times.

These are the services I offer

Reports and other corporate documents can be boring, repetitive and difficult to read. Or, they can be exciting and informative, with not a comma out of place, not a dangling participle in sight. The difference? A seasoned writer who is skilled at editing long text into digestible information that flows both logically and rhythmically.

Deliver speeches with impact; presentations that make people sit up and take notice. I can craft your thoughts or information into a powerful, story-driven message – whether a 30-second radio ad, 20-minute speech, 3-minute video or 2-hour presentation. No more wondering if your message is going to land - It will be on point.

This is the closest I will ever come to being a private investigator, which is literally all I wanted to be when I was growing up. (Well, that and a rock star, obviously.) I am well versed in researching and compiling reports, including about individuals being considered for sponsorship, product case studies or any other information you need.

Are you still using the same material from eleventy seven years ago? Do you need new learning resources to be developed for our current online climate, or easy-to-follow manual for your new product? But wait, there’s more. Chat to me about a cost-effective package for the development and delivery of your material.

Now more than ever before, content is King. You may be struggling to get any content out, or concerned that you’re churning out quantity over quality. Make sure your posts, articles and web copy tell your brand story, every time. I also offer article- and ghostwriting services and can draft quality articles on almost any topic.

Changes, victories, setbacks and goals; these all need to be communicated to various stakeholders. Ensure your message is delivered in the best possible way, to guarantee the desired response from your audience. I have developed many internal and external communication programmes for a variety of clients.